Our Jobs

Current Jobs:


Cives Gear Final

Clarksdale WWTP Upgrades

Gant Farms - New Bins

Gavilon Grain Pile

Helena Chemical FP Trailer Power

Maddox Pump Station - Jackson, MS

Mars Brown Rice Demolition - Final

MARS Dust Collector Project

Monsanto Scott Heater Install

Port Gibson WW Contract 3

Scott Bio Diesel - Cooling Tower

Scott Bio Diesel - Methonal Plant


Andre Kirkland


Crowe Pool House

Dennis Gates

Dockery U/G

Fleming Lumber Reed

Glenn Holloway

Jolly Panel

Joseph Crews

Larry Davis Generator

Martha Wheeler-301 Bolivar Yard Lighting

Martha Wheeler-Gran's

Martha Wheeler-Yard Lighting


Bolivar County Maintenance Generator Install

Bolivar Medical Exit & Emergency Lighting

Brown & Sons Sharpe St. Building

Camp McCain EST Laws

City Of Rosedale - Generator Installation

Clarksdale Expo Generator

Delta Health Center Mound Bayou

Design Team - Winona ABVI Installation

Dr. Ming Pivot Wiring

DSU Caylor White Phase III

DSU Tennis Court Panels

Greenwood Leflore Kitchen Emergency Power


Kajacs - Deer Park Tupelo

MDCC Boggs Scroggins Phase II

Merigold Storm Shelter

METSO Contract "A" Office

METSO Contract "E" Lighting

Oil Equipment - Koscuisko TRE

Oil Equipment - Z Market Bartlett

Oil Equipment - Z Market Memphis

Oil Equipment Lipscombe Greenville

Our Lady of Victories Bell Tower

Rabo Financial

Shelby Nursing Home Switchgear Replacement

Super Value Ruleville

Tallahatchie Tutwiler Siren Power

U of M Central Mech Plant

U of M Halftime Room

UMAS Signage

T & M

Arant Remodel

CCA Prison Various Repairs

Charles & Amy Chicorelli

Church's Chicken Grenada

CLC Ladner

CLC Tranum

CLC/Grittman Lighting

Cleveland Collision Fire Job

Cynthia Morgan

Danny Abraham Pool

Double Quick #1

Double Quick Restroom Ventilators

FLC / 106 Thomas Street

Gainspoletti Farm Shop

Havens Cleaners

Huerta Beer Garden Outlets

Keith Biaoni Pool

Larry Bailey

Precision Delta New Office

Selecta Billboard

Siemens City of Cleveland: additional data collectors

Past Jobs:


Acy - USDA Bldg 7 Boiler

Bayer Crop Science Leland

Cleveland Airport Runway Extension AWOS

DeBruce Grain Rosedale

Delta Constructors - Carthage WW

Delta Constructors - Choctaw WW

Delta Tunica WW

Diamond Power - Delta Steam

Entergy Tunica Generator

Faurecia Battery Chargers

Helena Chemical Friars Point

Helena Chemical Leland Tank Farm

Hemphill - Lexington WW

Hemphill - Port Gibson EWR

Hemphill Twin Lakes PS

Hemphill Yazoo Fluoridation

Hollandale Airport PAPI

Jesco Rosedale Kettle

Kajacs Contractors

Layne Pace Project

MARS AHU Project

MARS Brown Rice Demolition

MARS Uncle Bens Sorter


METCO M & E Relocation


Monsanto Leland Devitalizer

Monsanto Leland Soy Bean Facility

PharMEDium Electrical Upgrades 2009

Platte Chemical IR Scan

Platte Chemical LH4 Grinder Demo

Platte Chemical LIF Grinder Install

Precision Delta Service

Quality Steel Oven Rewire

Quality Steel Paint Robot

Quality Steel Top Coat Robot Rebuild

Quality Steel Welder Robot #2

Saf T Cart Lighting Retro

Sunflower Generator - Kossen

TB Ellis Gym Generator / Jackson State

Town of Moorhead Generator

Uncle Bens Conduit Relocation

Uncle Bens Service Feeder Replacement

USDA 80 KW Oxford

Valerus 3A

Valerus 4A

Valerus Burnside 4

Valerus Burnside 5


Andy Lee

Bell Remodel

Bill Ryan and Leslie Tabb

Bo Williams

Bob Wilson generator

Bobby Taylor


Champion Farms

CLC Salszman

CLC, Jamie Smith Cabin




Cleveland Country Club

Dave Alford

Dr. Tibbs Home

Easley Home

Eric Fioranelli Generator

FLC Mound Bayou

Gerald Jacks House Generator

Henry Walker

Jackson & Braswell Office Addition

Jackson Webb MTFS

Joe Janoush MTFS

Leadway Apartments

Michael Tims

Mike Sanders Cabin Generator

Mosco Spec

Neil Quinton Home

Pete Roncali Generator

Robert & Katie Tims

Rosedale Apartments

Ruby Pernell


Steele Davis Shop Apt

Troy & Mitzi Garrett



Victor McTeer

William McDonald, Galatas


3 Way Stop

Allan Shoes Sign

Ascential Corp. - OReilly Greenville

Atmos Energy Greenville

Avon Field Lighting

Axel (Jesco) Warehouse Addition

BB King Gin HVAC

BB King Stage service

Bell Tower Lighting

Bobby Tims Generator

Bolivar County Library

Bolivar Medical Additional PLL

Bolivar Medical Center 150 Outlet Install

Bolivar Medical Center Fire Alarm Upgrade

Bolivar Medical Center Geri-Psych

Bolivar Medical Center MOB

Bolivar Medical Center RTU

Bolivar Medical Center Wound Care

Bolivar Medical ER sign

Cardio Entrance Lighting

Cascilla Water Association

CCA High Mast # 2

CCA High Mast & Pole Base

CCA Prison Dishwasher

CCA Prison Kitchen and Office Power

CHS Practice Field Lighting

City of Cleveland - Hey Joes Xmas

City of Cleveland Bayou Outlets

City of Cleveland Bicycle Trail

City of Cleveland Crosswalk II

City of Cleveland Sidewalks Phase II

Cives Steel Contract Lighting

Clarksdale High School Athletic Complex

CLC Bell Elem. Addition

Cleveland Airport Hangar II

Cleveland Collision Center

Cleveland Entergy Lighting

Cleveland Lumber - DSU 302B lighting

Cleveland Medical Mall Road Sign

Cleveland Municipal Airport Hangar

Cleveland Park Commission

Cleveland School Renovations

Covenant Church OS Lighting

Covenant Church Sanctuary lighting

Cushman & Wakefield - Belzoni Door

Cushman & Wakefield - Greenville Panel

Cushman & Wakefield - Lexington Generator

Cushman & Wakefield - Marks Entergy

Cushman & Wakefield Belzoni panel

Delta Constructors Lambert WW

Delta Electric Office Cleveland

Delta Health Indianola

Delta Scooba WW

DEPA Indianola Generator Installation

Dollar General Merigold

Dollar General Rosedale

Dollar General Ruleville

Dollar General Shelby

Double Quick 103 Lighting

Double Quick 105 Lamps

Double Quick 16 Lighting

Double Quick 19 Lamps

Double Quick 28 Signage

Double Quick 6 Lighting

Double Quick 71 Kitchen

Double Quick 83 Kitchen

Double Quick Corp - TVSS

Double Quick Corporate Offices

Double Quick/ Gresham Guitar Lighting

DQ #41 Moorhead

DRMC Cath Lab Renovation

DSU - Alumni House BPAC Lighting

DSU - DMI Room 201

DSU 302B Computer Lab

DSU Bailey Childcare

DSU Bailey Elevator

DSU Bookstore Track # 1

DSU BPAC lighting

DSU BPAC Lighting Controls

DSU Fire Station Phase I

DSU Fire Station Phase II & III

DSU Natatorium

DSU Sculpture Garden Lighting

DSU TFA Union Panel

Due West Plantation Generator

Eas Tex Towers Lambert

Eas Tex Towers Parchman

First Methodist Change orders



Fred Champion Generator

Gainspoletti Office Addition

Gino's Hamburgers Sign

Greenwood High School HVAC Upgrades

Greenwood Leflore Kitchen Lighting

Greenwood Leflore LTAC Renovations

Grenada High School AC

Gresham Truck Shop

Harlows Remedial Report

Headrick First Pentecostal Electrical

Headrick Flowood Sign Power

Headrick LED Power

Headrick Tougaloo Sign Service

Headrick Valero Brandon

Headrick Valero Eupora

Headrick Valero Jackson High

Headrick Valero Meridian

Headrick Valero Pearl

Helena Chemical Leland

Helena Cleveland Warehouse

Hollandale Schools Reroof / Acy

Holmes Community College Well Soft Start

Huddlehouse Cleveland Signage

Huddlehouse LED # 2

Indianola Academy - Various lightng & Electrical

Indianola Academy Baseball

Indianola Airport Hangar

Indianola Municipal Airport Hangar

ITM Mound Bayou Schools

James Peacock Generator

Johnson Control CSD Control Wiring

Johnson Controls CSD Lighting Labor

Johnson Controls CSD Mechanical

Kajacs Farmington WW

Lyon NGA Lighting Upgrades

Mast - First Methodist Church

MDCC Gym Lighting

MDCC Vo Tech Electrical Upgrades

MDOT Leland Stormwater

MDOT Vicksburg High Mast

MDOT Vicksburg UG repair

Mitchell Distributing Generator

Money Singh Sign

Monsanto Winterville Office Renovation

Morrison Chapel Sanctuary

MS Title Loans Yazoo Service Repair

MVSU Data Center Generator

MVSU Dining Hall Lighting

MVSU Library Renovations

MVSU Lucille Petrie Riser

MVSU Sound System

Nabors Toyota Clarksdale

NSCH X Ray Room

O Bannon Elementary Multi Purpose Building

Oil Equipment - Blue Mountain

Payne Water Association ATS

Peter's Pottery - Additional generators

Peters Pottery 600

Peters Pottery Generator

Peters Pottery Generator

PharMEDium AHU Upgrade

PharMEDium Air Comp Relo

PharMEDium L & P

PharMEDium L & P Outlets

PharMEDium Memphis - Hood Project

PharMEDium Memphis Crusher/ Conveyor Job

PharMEDium Shipping

PharMEDium Warehouse Lighting

Phytogen Leland

Pioneer Seed Leland

Planters Corporate Flag Pole Lighting

Producers Rice Mill, Boyle

Quitman County Football Field Lighting

Quitman County HVAC Upgrades

Renova Multi Purpose Building

Roland Galatas Generator

Rosedale Courthouse Generator Install

Rosedale Courthouse Renovations

Ruleville Chamber Electrical

Sears Greenville

Sequel Electric Supply Signage

Shaw Schools Football Field Service

Siemens - City Data Collectors

Southwestern Services

Spinner Skating Rink

Spinners Road Sign

St. Steven's Episcopal Church

Stapcotn Heater job

Steele Davis Shop

Supervalu Indianola - Office Addition

Supervalu Refrigeration Controls - Direct

Supervalu Road Sign 2

Sweet CeCe's Greenville

Tallahatchie - Charleston MTFS

Thompson Machinery Boyle

Thompson Machinery Sign Installation

Total Imaging VMS 15545

Total Imaging VMS 15546

Total Imaging VMS 15553

Town of Merigold - Camera Project

TTI Supervalu - Banana Room Controls

Uncle Bob's Storage Conversion - Greenville

USDA Bldg 7 Renovations

USDA Fire Alarm 11,49,50, & 73

USFW Dahomey Shop

Victoria Bend High Voltage Phase One

Victoria Bend High Voltage Phase Two

Ware Wine & Spirits

Wildlife Headquarters Solar Systems

Wildlife Headquarters Yazoo and Panther

Yazoo County Schools BF Lighting

T & M

America's Catch Freezer Room

Billy Perry Generator

City of Cleveland 2011 Christmas lighting

Cives Switchgear Replacement

Cives T & M work

CLC / Greenville Motor Sports

CLC / Michael Sanders Cabin

CLC Duncan

CLC, Harry Howarth Remodel

CLC- Boone Kitchen

CLC/Alice Denton

CLC/Hineman Cabin

Cleveland Medical Mall Damage

Covenant Presbyterian Fellowship Lighting

Crawdads Fire Job

Daniel Jordan

Daniel Jordan #2

DEH Trucking

Delta Terminal Greenville

Denton Dairy Projects

Derick Miles Cabin

Desert Inn Lighting and sign

Dockery Pool House Burn Job

Dockery Pool House Rewire

Dockery Seed House

Double Quick # 7 Renovations

Double Quick / Gresham Gate

Double Quick 102 remodel

Double Quick 103 BP Reimage

Double Quick 109 BP Reimage

Double Quick 15 BP Reimage

Double Quick 15 Storm Damage

Double Quick 17 # 2 revisions

Double Quick 17 Additions

Double Quick 17 Renovations

Double Quick 179 Canopy Signs

Double Quick 179 Store Lighting

Double Quick 18 BP Reimage

Double Quick 21 BP Reimage

Double Quick 24 Renovations

Double Quick 27 Canopy & Signage

Double Quick 27 sign job

Double Quick 41 - Data & Security

Double Quick 41 New Store Signage

Double Quick 49 remodel

Double Quick 5 signage

Double Quick 7 canopy Signs

Double Quick 76 Store Lighting

Double Quick 79 Store Lighting

Double Quick 83 Canopy signage

Double Quick 84 Canopy

Double Quick 84 Canopy Signs

DQ #201 / Smokeshop Remodel

DQ #22 Lighting

DQ #23 Canopy Wrap

DQ #25 Canopy Wrap

DQ #43 Remodel

DQ #78 Canopy Wrap

DQ #79 Truck Damage

DQ 26 Churchs Greenwood

DQ BP 15,18,21,24,103 & 109

Ellis Communications - First Methodist Church Wiring

Fleming Lumber - Medical Mall Storm Damage

Gant Farms Lagrande

Hailey's Dress Shop

Headricks First Pentecostal Sign

Headricks Signs - Batesville

Headricks Signs - Charleston

Headricks Signs - Clarksdale

Headricks Signs - Cleveland

Headricks Signs - Collierville, TN

Headricks Signs - Columbus

Headricks Signs - Cordova, TN

Headricks Signs - Corinth

Headricks Signs - Corporate - Ridgeland

Headricks Signs - Flowood (Lakeland)

Headricks Signs - Flowood (Layfair)

Headricks Signs - Greenville

Headricks Signs - Greenwood

Headricks Signs - Grenada

Headricks Signs - Houston

Headricks Signs - Indianola

Headricks Signs - Louisville

Headricks Signs - Madison

Headricks Signs - Memphis (Poplar Perkins)

Headricks Signs - Memphis (Union Avenue)

Headricks Signs - Memphis (Winchester-Hacks)

Headricks Signs - New Albany

Headricks Signs - Olive Branch

Headricks Signs - Oxford

Headricks Signs - Philadelphia

Headricks Signs - Pontotac

Headricks Signs - Southaven

Headricks Signs - Southaven (Select Retailer)

Headricks Signs - Starkville

Headricks Signs - Tupelo Gloster

Headricks Signs - West Point

Headricks Signs- Tupelo

Headricks Valero - Hattiesburg

Heather and Bubba

Huerta Men's Shop

Ike Brunetti Cabin Addition

Indianola Academy High Voltage

Industrial Services - Tennessee Gas Services

Jimmy Sanders Stuttgart

Joe Janoush Flood Repairs

Joe Janoush Temp Service

John Abide Cabin Addition

John Janoush Cabin

McCarty's Gallery

McCarty's Gallery II

MDOT Lorman Dec.- 2010

MDOT Yazoo Command

Medical Mall #2 Hall & Service

Medical Mall Separate Offices

Mosquito Burrito

Paul Janoush Flood Repairs

Perry Rentals - Southern Grill Storm damage

Pete Fulgham Addition

Pete Fulgham Barn

Peter's Pottery

Phillip Rizzo Generator

Quality Steel Fire Damage

Quality Steel Robot # 1

Quick Cash Tupelo Signage

Rachael Tate

Rizzo-Heinz Grain Bins

Robert Hutchinson

Selecta RR & Office remodel

Supervalu Ruleville Service

Victoria Bend Meters

Wade Cleveland HVAC

Wal Mart Cleveland Storm Damage

Will Hood

William Buckley Dress Shop