Our Jobs

Current Jobs:


Bayou Academy Soccer Field Lighting

Biewer Lumber Office & Training Center - Winona

Bolivar Medical BHU Renovations

Bolivar Medical Center - Pharmacy Renovations

Camp Currier Dining Hall

Carroll Co Schools HVAC

CEPA Clarksdale New Facility

Chick Fil A MVSU

City of Cleveland Hwy 8/61 Lighting

Clarksdale Collegiate College

Clarksdale Country Club

Cleveland Bolivar County Animal Shelter Renovations

Cleveland Volunteer Fire Station #1

Core Civic - Ice Intake - Tutwiler

Delta Streets Gym

DSU Elevator Improvements

FBC Indianola Renovations - 2021

Greenwood Leflore Hospital Elevator Upgrades

Greenwood Readiness Center

K1 Research Facility Renovations

Lipscomb #505 Renovations

MDOC Unit 30RR Renovations

MSU West Farm Lab Renovations-Stoneville

MVSU Basketball Pavilion

O'Bannon School - HVAC Replacment

OSD Greenhouse

Parks School - Library

Simplot Tunica - New Office -WH Renovations

Sprint Mart #4109

Upchurch Schneider Greenville Schools HVAC Upgrades

Wade Inc. Technology Building

Waste Water / Pump Station

Argo - Jumpertown WW Improvements

City of Cleveland WWTP Improvements

Cleveland - Fayette Davis Stormwater Pumping Station

Dogwood WW Upgrades

Greenville WWTP Grit Chamber Improvements


Baxter LVM Project

Baxter Metamorphosis

Bishop Water Well ATS

Heartland Catfish - DSI System Phase I

Heartland Catfish - H3 Addition

Heartland Catfish - H3 Addition

Heartland Freezer Addition

Heartland H1- DSI Phase III

Hospital Water Well ATS

Indianola Airport Rehab - LED Lighting

METCO 1221 Power Connections

METCO 2022 Bldg1 Infrastructure

NuFarm - Main Contract

Oaks Cold Storage Service Upgrade

Pioneer Additions & Renovations 2018

Q Steel - Lincoln Weld Fume System Project

Saf-T-Cart Expansion - Service

Simplot Rosedale - Loadout Demo & Temp

USDA Aerator MCC Upgrades - WARU

USDA Greenhouse 7 Renovations 2020

USDA MSU Greenhouse Renovations - Starkville

USDA WARU Discharge Project

Vicksburg WTP Filter, Sludge Pump


Brad Roberts Landscape Lighting

CLC - Lance Johnson

CLC - Mike Turner

McClellan Apartments

McClellan Apartments #5 & #6

Parker Builders - Clinksdale House

Paul Janoush Remodel

Rosewood Apartments

LED Lighting

Bobby Henard's LED's

Deer Creek Baseball Field Lighting

DHA- Chase LED's

DHA-Cedars LED's

DQ #71 Road Sign

Faurecia Pain Area Re-Light

Fireman's Park Tennis Court Lights

NSA Baseball Field Lighting Repairs

Winona Christian School Baseball


DQ #109 Replacement Signage

DQ #27 Gas Pricer

DQ #42 Road Sign

RCI Message Center

Commercial Standby Power

Bank of Commerce 125KW

CED 150KW Generator

COC WWTP Office Generator

Delta Terminal 200KW Generator

DSU Water Tower Generator

Oak Grove Nursing 100KW

Tutwiler Wastewater Generator 250KW

Residential Standby Power

Andre Kemp Generator

Andrew Yee Generator

Bill Hardin Generator

Brad Cooper Generator

Brent Branning Generator

Brent Woods Generator

Brian Smith Generator

Bubba Simmons #2 Generator

Buddy Box House Generator

Buddy Box Shop Generator

Charles Arbogast

Chip Cooper Generator

Daven Grayson Generator

David Brown Generator

Debra Mason Generator

Dr. Steven Clark Generator

Gary Gold Generator

Greg Robertson Generator

Harry Roland Generator

Hulbert Lipe Generator

Jeff Giaccaglia Generator

Jeff Hankins Generator

Jim McNeer Generator

Jimmy Reed Generator

Joe Tranum Generator

John Abide Cabin Generator

Laura & Allen Clark Generator

Les Torrans Generator

Luke Andrews Generator

Majorie Gladden Generator

Margie Dantzler Generator

McCarty's Gin 14KW Generator

MHC Gen #1

Michael Murphy Generator

Mike Shepherd Generator

Penny Smith Generator

Pete Jones Generator

Phelps Generator

Robert Ivy Generator

Rusty Reed Generator

Sarah Dantzler Generator

Sharon Dantzler Generator

Sledge Telephone 14KW

Sylvester Generator

Terry Dulaney Generator

Thad Wilkes Generator

Tom Gresham Generator

Walton Gresham Generator

Wayne Fioranelli Camp Generator

William Buckley Generator

Woody Woods Generator

Past Jobs:


2020 Christmas Lighting Phase 1 & 2

Agracel Phase II

Agracel, Inc.

Air Repair - Hangar Addition

Amtrak Greenwood ADA

Atmos Gas Greenville

Atmos New Office Building - Cleveland, MS

AW James School

Axel (Jesco) Warehouse Addition

Baptist Hospital Yazoo Patient Room Renovations

Bayou Academy - Phase I Renovations

Bayou Academy Field House

Bayou Academy Soccer Field Concession

BB King Additions - 2019

Bear Pen Park Lighting Improvements

Blues Air Hangar

Bolivar County Ag Center Renovations

Bolivar County Church of Christ

Bolivar County Courthouse Renovations

Bolivar County Courthouse Renovations-Rosedale

Bolivar County Expo Center Renovations

Bolivar Insurance - Office Renovation/Remodel

Bolivar Medical Center - Rosedale Modular Clinics

Bridge Point Church Renovations

Cable One Office Addition

Camp Currier - UG Primary Bore

Cannon Ford - Cleveland, MS

Capel Clinic Renovations-Greenwood, MS

CCHS Gym Demo

CE Delta Fast - DC Program

Church's Chicken - Clarksdale, MS

CITITRENDS - Cleveland

City of Cleveland Christmas Lighting #1

City of Cleveland Christmas Lighting #2

City of Cleveland Walking Trail Christmas Lighting

Clarksdale Civic Auditorium Renvoation

Clarksdale Social Security Office Renovations

Cleveland Additional Walking Trail Lighting

Cleveland Airport Hangar Phase II

Cleveland Country Club Pro Shop

Cleveland Schools - Pearman Elementary & Cypress Parks Elementary Renovations

Cleveland Volunteer Fire Station #1

Coahoma CC Gate Lighting

Coahoma Safe Room

College Heights Apartment Complex Renovation

Cotton House Hotel

CPS Cleveland Warehouse Expansion

Delta Electric New Office Building - Cleveland, MS

Delta Health Alliance New Office - Leland, MS

Delta Health Center, Mound Bayou, MS

Delta State University - Caylor White Walters Auditorium Renovations

Delta State University - Caylor White Walters Phase IIII Renovation

Delta State University - Ziegel Hall Renovations

Delta State University Baseball Stadium Renovations

Delta State University Energy Conservation Measures

Double Quick Corporate Office Remodel

Double Quick New Store - Indianola, MS

Double Quick/McDonalds New Store - Leland, MS

DSU Football Field Lighting Replacement

DSU Sillers Coliseum Renovations

DSU Statesman Blvd.

DSU Union Renovations 2020-Chick Fil A & FH Subs

DSU Young Mauldin Hall Renovations

Ellis Arts Theatre Renovations - 2019

Entergy Indianola Yard Expansion

First Baptist Church - Cleveland, MS - Renovations

First United Methodist Church Parsonage Renovation

First United Methodist Church Renovation

FPC Greenwood Sanctuary Upgrades

FUMC Cleveland Parking Lot

Gainspoletti & Associates - Office Addition

Goody's Department Store Remodel

Grammy Museum, MS

Greenwood Church of God

Greenwood Leflore Hospital - Kitchen Emergency Power

Greenwood Leflore Hospital - LTAC Renovations

Greenwood Leflore Hospital Central Sterile Renovations

Greenwood Leflore Hospital Elevator Upgrades

Gregory Realty Renovations - Gville

Gresham Petroleum - Tunica Bulk Plant

H2 Suites Oxford-Rebuild Contract

Havens Cleaners Renovations

Hayes Cooper Center - Additions & New Science Lab

Helena Chemical - Leland, MS - New Warehouse

Helena Chemical - New Facility

Helena Chemical Office Renovation - Boyle, MS

Helena Chemical, Leland, MS - Warehouse Addition

Holmes CC Tech Skills Renovations

Indianola CC Tennis Court

Indianola Wellness Center

Joe Reed & Company, Inc. - Office Addition

Kamien Way Christmas Lighting

Lipscomb #21 Rebuild

Lost Pizza - Ridgeland, MS

Lost Pizza at Highland Village - Jackson, MS

McCarty's Warehouse

MDCC Admin Bldg. Renovations

MDOC Unit 42 - Nurse Call Upgrades

METSO Office Renovation

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation - Restroom Renovations

Mississippi Delta Community College - Boggs Scroggins Phase II

Mississippi Valley State University - Delta Sands Hotel Fire Alarm

Mississippi Valley State University - Dining Hall Renovations

Mississippi Valley State University - Math Building Fire Alarm

Modular Resources - GLH

MUSCO - O Bannon School - Field Retro

MUSCO - Riverside School - Field Retro

MVSU Pavilion

North Greenwood Baptist Church Sanctuary Renovations

O'Bannon Elementary Multi Purpose Building

Oil Equipment - Lipscomb Store Renovations

Ole Miss Halftime Locker Room

Our Lady of Victories CC Renovations

Papa John's New Restaurant - Cleveland, MS

Parker Builders - FBC Yazoo - HVAC Upgrades

Parker Builders - Jerry's Quick Stop Renovations

Passageway Lighting

Phytogen New Office Building - Leland, MS

Pillow Academy Multipurpose

Pioneer Seed - Leland, MS

Planters Bank & Trust - New Branch

Quality Steel Office Addition

Quitman County HVAC Upgrades

Rosser Elementary School Renovations-Moorhead

Rosser Phase II - Bldg. 1

Ruleville Central - High School Field House

Sanders New Office Building - Greenville, MS

Sanders New Office Building-Cleveland

Scion State House

Security Services - New Office

Social Security Office Remodel - Cleveland, MS

Statewide Federal Credit Union - Cleveland

Thompson Machinery New Office - Boyle, MS

Town of Boyle - Walking Trail Lighting

Town of Merigold - Camera Project

Triangle Chemical Warehouse-Greenwood

Triangle Hollandale New Facility

University of Mississippi - Central Mechanical Plant

University of Mississippi - Meek Hall Auditorium - Renovations

USARC HVAC Upgrades Greenville, MS

USDA Bldg 8 (a) HVAC Renovations

USDA Building 7 Renovations

USDA Catfish - Electrical Distribution Upgrades

Valent Office Building

West Bolivar Consolidated School Renovations

Wildwood Gin - New Office

Will Bradham/Office Renovations

YOU Building Renovations - Marks, MS

Waste Water / Pump Station

Boyle Waste Water

Burnsville WW Improvements

Clarksdale Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Deer Park Waste Water & Pump Stations - Tupelo, MS

Ethel Waste Water

Famington Waste Water

Greenville WWTP UV System

Greenwood / Mississippi Valley State University Pump Station Improvements

Isle of Capri Waster Water Treatment Plan

Jonestown Waster Water

Kosciusko Pump Station

Lambert Waste Water

Maddox Pump Station - Jackson, MS

MDOT Stormwater Project - Leland, MS

Moorhead Waste Water

MSU Pump Stations

Port Gibson Waste Water

Scooba Waste Water

Shelby Waste Water

Tupelo Sewer Improvements


Baxter - Rockwell Critical Systems Install

Baxter PPB Expansion

Baxter PPB Misc. Power & Network


City of Cleveland 2015 WWTP Improvements

Clarksdale UV Plant Wastewater

CS3-Baxter PPB Controls

Delta - Crowder Pump Station

Delta State University - Central Mechanical Plant - Phase II

Desoto Shortfork WWTF Phase II

Due West Planting Company - New Bins

Due West Sumner Upgrades 21

Faulkner Booster Station Upgrades

Fishbelt Feed's Fat Tank Conduits

Gant Farms - New Grain Bins

Gant Farms New 3 Bin Loop - Gunnison

Helena Chemical Fertilizer Plant - Phase I

Helena Chemical Rosedale-Phase III Wet Loadout

Hemphill - City of Winona - District 1 WTP Rehab

Hemphill Coldwater WTP Upgrade

Hollandale Airport PAPI

Isle of Capri WWTP Renovations Phase II

Loveland Guard Shack Relocation

Loveland LIF5 Packaging Line

Loveland Products - Refrigeration Unit Services

Luvata Test Lab - Phase II

Mattson Gin Upgrades

MDOC Lift Station Improvements

METCO 4000 Busway Expansion 2020

METCO Bldg. 2 - Air Compressors

METCO Hotform 4 Line


METCO Ipsen Addition 2021

Metco Phase III 2018

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation (HVAC & Electrical Service)

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation - Nitrogen Power

Monsanto Fiber/AP Infrastructure Upgrade

Monsanto Hollandale Charger Stations

Monsanto Hollandale IT/AP Upgrades

Moorhead WWTP Upgrades

Myrtle Lift Station

Panther Swamp - New Equipment Building

Quality Steel Clean Storage Addition

Quality Steel Freemont - Paint Line Expansion

Resolute ABB Slicer Project

Sanders - Fertilizer Upgrades

Sardis Sewer Improvements

Standard Industrial - Renovations

Triple D Planting Bin Power

UHC-Amory Chips-Crane Rehab

Vance Gin Upgrades 2018


Adventure Frames

Allen Williams - Home Addition

Andre Kirkland - New Home

Arnold Rewire

ATF Medical - Louis Wells

Betty Hunter - Home Remodel

Bevaline Black - Home Renovation

Bill & Lynn Jacobs - Home Renovations

Blake McCain - New Home

Bob Birch Addition

Bob Draper Rewire

Bobby Taylor - New Home

Brett Boykin - New Home

Charles & Amy Chicorelli - New Home

CLC - James JacksWinter House

CLC - McClain

CLC- Dalton

CLC-Myrna Lee

Cliff Burd Addition

Clint & Shae Davis

Cole Ellis House

David Gladden - Home Addition & Remodel

David Ray - Home Addition

Davidson Farms Generator #1

Day Builders- South Central Apartments

Dean Ladner - Home Renovation

Dennis Gates - New Home

Donald Gant - Home Addition

Dr. Bennie Wright - Cabin Remodel

Dr. Hugh Smith - Home Renovation/Remodel

Dr. Paul Warrington - Cabin Renovations

Dr. Roger Blake - Landscape Lighting

DSU President's Home

Duke Morgan Jr. - Home Remodel

Elizabeth Shannon Service

Gary Gainspoletti - New Cabin

Georgianna Remodel

Griffin Garage

Heathman Plantation Renovation

Hester Remodel

Ike & Karen Brunetti - Cabin Remodel

J.R. Hill House

J.R. Roberson - Home Remodel

Jason Harris - New Home

Jed & Amanda Turner - Home Remodel

Jeff Morgan - Additions

Jeffrey & Tricia Fioranelli - Home Renovations

John Meyer - New Home

Joseph Crews - New Home

Joseph Tranum Shop

Judson Brown - Kitchen Remodel

Justin Huerta - New Home

Ken & Nancy Pate - Home Renovations

Kenny Christmas - New Home

Larry & Candy Davis - New Cabin

Larry Perry - Home Renovation

McClellan Apartments #7, #8, #9, #10

McClellan Apt #3 & #4

Michael & Holly Sanders - Home Remodel

Mike & Nan Sanders - New Home

Mike Gant - Addition

Moon Lake House

Nora McFadden - Home Remodel

North Sunflower Ambulance Residence

Nowell Pool

Paul & Lucy Janoush - Home Renovation

Pete Fulgham - New Home

Pete Roncali - Home Addition

Richard Rhodes

Robert & Katie Tims - New Home

Robert Hutchinson - New Home

Rod & Elizabeth Veazy - Home Remodel

Rose Briar Duck Club - Renovation

Spence & Laura Griffin - Bathroom Remodel

Stan McGaugh Generator

Turnipseed House

Walton Gresham - Home Renovations

Warren Bell - New Home

Will Hood - New Cabin

LED Lighting

Abraham's LED Lighting

Adventure Frames LED's

Air Repair

Atmos Energy Lighting

Bayou Academy Baseball Field Lighting

Bear Pen Park - Tennis Court Lighting Replacement

Becky Brock - Strip Mall Lighting

Body Works LED's

Bolivar County LED's (multiple sites)

Bolivar County Youth Holding

Bolivar Medical Center - Clinic Signage

Boyle Lumber Co. LED's

Britt Jewelry LED's

Carthage Eye Clinic LED'S

CCA High Mast Lighting

Citgo Belzoni Gas Canopy

City of Cleveland - Downtown LED Upgrades

City of Cleveland Bicycle Trail Lighting

City of Cleveland City Hall LED's

City of Cleveland Crosswalk Phase II Lighting

City of Cleveland Railroad Museum LED's

City of Leland Bridge

Cives Steel Plant

Clear Choice LED's

Cleveland Country Club Lighting

Cleveland Home & Hardware

Cleveland State Bank - Main Branch

Cleveland State Bank Grenada C&I

Cleveland State Bank Grenada LED's

Cleveland State Bank Main LED

CP House Appliance LED's

Cree DSU Wyatt Gym LED's

Delta Radio LLC Greenville

Delta State University - Margaret Wade Statue Lighting

Delta State University - Various Buildings - LED Lighting

Dipstix - Grenada LED's

District Four Schools, CCHS LED Security Lighting

DK Truck Shop LED's

Double Quick - Various Locations - LED Lighting

Double Quick 80 LED Lighting

Double Quick 81 LED Lighting

DQ #15 Replacement Signage

DSU Aquatics Re-Lighting

DSU Coliseum Lighting

DSU Ewing Hall LED Retrofit

Eley Barkley Office

Factory Direct Furniture - LED Lighting

Farm Bureau LED Lighting

Fishbelt Feeds LED Retro

Grammy Museum MS- Site Lighting

Greenwood Leflore Hospital - LED Site Lighting

Gresham Petroleum - Office Site Lighting

Gresham Service Station #1 LED Lighting

Holmes CC tennis Courts

Holmes CC Walking Trail Lighting Replacement

Holmes Community College - Library LED

Indianola Academy - LED Lighting

Irrigation Equipment LED's

Isle of Capri - Site Lighting Repair

Kirk Academy LED Lighting

Kirk Brothers - GMC Showroom - Lighting

Lipscomb Exxon Gas Station Canopy Projects - Several Locations

Lipscomb Exxon Gas Station LED Fascia Projects - Several Locations

Lipscomb Oil Office LED Lighting

Loveland Chemical - Gly Form Bldg Lighting

Loveland Gly Bldg. - Emergency Lighting

Loveland Glyphosate Packaging Lighting

Loveland LH1-4 Lighting

Loveland LIF 1, 2, 3 Lighting

Loveland WH1, WH6, OL Lighting

Loveland WH2 Lighting Retro

Loveland WH3 LED Retro

MDOT - Bovina LED Lighting

MDOT - Hazelhurst, MS - LED Lighting

MDOT District 3 Office

MDOT High Mast - Vicksburg, MS

METSO Lighting Upgrades

MVSU Practice Field Lighting

Napa Auto Parts Cleveland LED Lighting

National Guard Armory Lighting Upgrades - Lyon, MS

North Sunflower Medical Center - Campus Lighting

Oil Equipment Company - Sayle Oil Various Locations

Pharmedium Warehouse Lighting

Planters Bank & Trust - Corporate Office - LED Lighting

Planters Bank - LED Retrofit-Cleveland, MS

Port of Rosedale LED's

Presbyterian Day School LED Lighting

Quality Steel - LED Lighting

Quality Steel - LED Lighting - Phase I & II

Quitman County Football Field Lighting

Resolute F&S LED's

Resolute Plant Lighting

River City Rehab LED Lighting

Robinson-Carpenter Library LED's

Security Services

Selecta Motor's LED

Shell Rapid Lube - Indianola LED's

Shell Rapid Lube Cleveland LED's

St. Stevens Episcopal Church - LED Lighting

USDA Catfish Facility Lighting Protection

Vaiden Farm Supply LED's

Wade Inc. Greenville Ext. Ltg.

Willard Samuel's Jr Gym LED's


Bolivar Medical Center Clinic

Cleveland Lumber Company - Building Signage

Cleveland Lumber Design Center Sign

Daylight Donuts Signage - Indianola, MS

Delta State University - Entrance

Delta State University - Sports Signage

Double Quick #23 Road Sign

Double Quick #61 - Entrance

Double Quick - (various locations) - Menu Boards

DQ #6 Replacement Signage

DQ #85 Replacement Signage

DSU Marquee Upgrades

Irrigation Services

JD Castle SSA Clarksdale Signage

Krystal - Several Locations - Re-Image

Lenny's Building Sign

Lipscomb Oil - Southaven Shell

Lipscomb Shell Gas Station Sign - Macon, MS

Luxx Nails Sign

Monsanto Office Signage

Nehi Columbian Lodge

PT Brokers Sign

Selecta Motors Billboard Lighting/Signage

Southern Duplicating Signage

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Signage

Vowell Market - Gas Price Signage

Commercial Standby Power

Belzoni Police Department

Billy Marlow Office Generator

Black Bayou Generator

Bolivar County Maintenace Building

City of Rosedale

Clarksdale Expo Center

Cleveland Schools - Central Office IT Generator

Coahoma Community College - IT Generator

Delta Electric (4) 38 KW Generators

Delta Electric Power Assocation - Indianola, MS

Delta Rehab Emergency Generator

DHA Leland-100 KW

DSU Bailey Hall

DSU Bailey Hall 100 KW Generator

FMH Water Association - Delta Western & Blaine

Gainspoletti Financial Services

Glendora Water System

Humphreys County

Indianola Health & Rehab Generator

Jackson State University - TB Ellis Gym Generator

Kirk Brothers Supercenter Generator

Magnolia Gardens Generator

MDOC Unit #25 Replacement Generator

MVSU Fedex 100 KW

North Tallahatchie Water Generator

NSMC Business Office Generator

NSMC Operations Generator

NSMC Specialty Clinic

Oak Grove Retirement Home - Duncan, MS

People Shores 150KW

Peter's Pottery

Phytogen Greenhouse

Sayle Oil Towable TR130

Sharkey Hampton Fire Station Generator

Simmons Catfish Generator

Sunflower County (Steiner)

Sunflower Diagnostic Generator

Tallahatchie County

Town of Charleston 80KW

Town of Webb Generator

Valent Seed Lab

West Tallahatchie - Various Generator Projects

Residential Standby Power

Abbott Myers Generator

Alex Gates

Allen Spraggins

Andrew Westerfield Cabin

Annie Longwood Generator

Barbara Stott

Bern Prewitt, Sr.

Bill Havens

Billy Faye Peeples Generator

Billy Marlow House Generator

Billy Newton Generator

Bob Schiele Generator

Bob Wilson

Bobby Horn Generator

Bobby Tims

Brad Roberts

Braxter Irby Generator

Brian Black Generator

Bubba Simmons

Carl Willmer Arkansas Cabin

Carol Vance Generator

Cecil Washington

Chad McKnight

Champion Farms

Charlie Robinette

China Berry Chapel

Chip Upchurch Generator

Circle B Farms Generator

Clint & Shae Davis Generator

Colin Dally Generator

Concordia Skinning Shed Generator

CT & Trena Danna

Curtis Hooper Generator

Danny Dale Generator

David Arant

David Rickels

Davidson Farms Generator #2

Debbie Loveless Generator

Dennis Gates Generator

Diane Blansett Generator

Dixie Farms/Lynn Hite Generator

Donnie Maranto Generator

Donnie Roebuck Generator

Doug Smith Planting Company Generator

Doug Smith Sr. Generator

Douglas Kelly Generator

Dr. Dowdy Generator

Dr. Robb Shipp Generator

Dr. Shawn O'Bannon Generator

Dr. Warrington Generator

DSU President's Home Generator

Duke Morgan, Jr.

Duke Morgan, Sr.

Edna Coates Generator

Edward Corder Generator

Eligah Johnson Generator

Eloise Walker Generator

Eric Fioranelli

Eugene Brown Generator

Felicia Sorrels Generator

Frank Kimmel Generator

Fred Champion Sr.

Gale Gable Generator

Gale Roark

Gant Farms Generator - G

Gary Gainspoletti - Cabin

Gary Hawthorne

Georgia Harper

Gregory Buchanan Generator

Harrel Potter

Helen Tubbs Generator

Hugh Arant Generator

Hunter Moorhead

Jack Howarth

Jack Webb Generator

Jackie Guest Generator

James King

James Peacock

James Russell

Jason Clark Generator

Jay Taylor Generator

JD Dulaney Generator

Jed & Amanda Turner Generator

Jeff Lloyd Generator

Jerry Evans Generator

Jerry Norwood Generator

Jim Rushing Generator

Jim Wilbourn-Loveland

Jimmie Lou Fioranelli

Jimmy Long Generator

Jo Miller Generator

Joe Reed Jr. Generator

Joe Smith Generator

Joe Wayne Reed

Joe Woods

Joel Hammons Generator

Joey Herbison Generator

John Abide

John Aguzzi Generator

John Brown

John Denson

Johnny Laney Generator

Johnny Weeks Generator

Joseph Crews Generator

Joyce Everett Generator

JR Hill Generator

June Melton Generator

Kathy Kent

Keith Hurt Generator

Kelly Beevers

Kenny Christmas Generator

Kirk Satterfield

Kyle Smith

Ladner Generator

Larry Davis

Larry Davis - Cabin

Larry Eason Generator

Larry Kelly Jr. Generator

Lewis Wood Generator

Louis Merritt Generator

Louis Vaughn Generator

Lucille Dillard Generator

Marilyn Alford Generator

Matt & Kim Dowell Generator

McNeer Generator

MHC Gen #1

Michael & Sue Clark Generator

Michael Anderson

Mike Belenchia

Mike Christmas Generator

Mike Dill Generator

Mike Domino Generator

Mike Sanders

Mrs. Roger Walker Generator

Ms. Jerry Wigington

Ms. Jim Young

Nancy Satterfield Generator

Nancy Stubblefield Generator

NSMC Foundation House

Pat Denton

Patricia & Judge Ward Generator

Paul Janoush 38KW Generator

Paul Lishman Generator

Paul Sella Generator

Pete Roncali

Peter Woods

Peter Woods (New Home)

Ralph McClure

Ralph Owens Generator

Randolph & Elspeth Blakeman

Randy Gable Generator

Randy Howarth

Randy Lloyd

Randy Moore Generator

Ransom Myers Generator

Ray Bell Generator

Rebecca Goodman Generator

Rick Thurlow Generator

Robbie Upchurch Generator

Robert Towers Generator

Robin Marlow House Generator

Rodney Walker Generator

Roland Galatas

Ronnie Bush Generator

Ruthie Woods

Sammy Henderson

Sandra Britt Generator

Scott Holder Generator

Scott Kirk Generator

Sean Van Namen Generator

Sidney Melton

Starnes Generator

Steve Corso Generator

Steve Rodgers

Steve Stricklen Generator

Ted Ray

Ted Ray/Burton Generator

Tom Abernathy Generator

Tommy Sides Generator

Tony Bond

Walter Thomas Generator

Warren Bell

Will Hood - Cabin

William Owens Generator

William Woo

Willie Norwood Generator