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Baptist Hospital Yazoo Patient Room Renovations

Bolivar Medical Center - Rosedale Modular Clinics

CCHS Gym Demo

Clarksdale Country Club

Cotton House Hotel

CPS Cleveland Warehouse Expansion

Ellis Arts Theatre Renovations - 2019

FPC Greenwood Sanctuary Upgrades

FUMC Cleveland Parking Lot

Greenwood Leflore Hospital Elevator Upgrades

McCarty's Overhead Service

Modular Resources - GLH

MSU West Farm Lab Renovations-Stoneville

Pillow Academy Multipurpose

Scion State House

Tallahatchie General Pole Replace

USARC HVAC Upgrades Greenville, MS

Waste Water / Pump Station

City of Cleveland WWTP Improvements


Baxter PPB Expansion

City of Cleveland 2015 WWTP Improvements

Desoto Shortfork WWTF Phase II

Faulkner Booster Station Upgrades

Heartland Catfish - DSI System Phase I

Heartland Catfish - H3 Addition

Heartland DSI Phase II

Heartland Freezer Addition

Heartland H1 PF Install

Hemphill - City of Winona - District 1 WTP Rehab

Metco Phase III 2018

Nardone - Fresenius ATS

NuFarm - Highbay Grounding - Phase I

NuFarm - Main Contract

Oaks Cold Storage Service Upgrade

Pioneer Additions & Renovations 2018

Resolute ABB Slicer Project

Vicksburg WTP Filter, Sludge Pump

Wildwood Gin - New Card Line Addition (4)


Adventure Frames

CLC - McClain

CLC-Myrna Lee

Cliff Burd Addition

Clint & Shae Davis

Cole Ellis House

DSU President's Home

Georgianna Remodel

Hester Remodel

Moon Lake House

Paul Janoush Remodel

Turnipseed House

LED Lighting

Bolivar County LED's (multiple sites)

Britt Jewelry LED's

Citgo Belzoni Gas Canopy

City of Cleveland City Hall LED's

Cleveland State Bank Grenada C&I

Cleveland State Bank Grenada LED's

CP House Appliance LED's

District Four Schools, CCHS LED Security Lighting

Resolute F&S LED's

Shell Rapid Lube Cleveland LED's


JD Castle SSA Clarksdale Signage

Commercial Standby Power

Cleveland Schools - Central Office IT Generator

DHA Leland-100 KW

DSU Bailey Hall 100 KW Generator

Indianola Health & Rehab Generator

MDOC Unit #25 Replacement Generator

MVSU Fedex 100 KW

Residential Standby Power

Clint & Shae Davis Generator

Paul Sella Generator