No matter its size, a home is one’s castle. Virtually all of the features that add to its comfort, convenience and enjoyment are electrical. Done right, residential electrical design incorporates the latest technologies for state-of-the-art home entertainment, communications, computing, indoor and outdoor cooking, cleaning, relaxation, recreation, protection and stand-by power—not to mention the basics of heating, cooling and lighting. Robinson Electric is a recognized leader in high-end residential electrical service, including design, installation, maintenance and repair.

Case Study:

Billy & Becky Nowell

Case Study:

Brett Boykin

Case Study:

Gerald Jacks residence

1460 Township Road, Cleveland, Miss.

Complete electrical design build for new house construction

Case Study:

Jed & Amanda Turner

We had Robinson Electric come to our home to finish up our back patio remodel & check on some things around the house to make sure it was in tip-top selling order for us.  They called us, after the work had been done, to check in & make sure everything was perfect.  You just don’t get service like that in big cities.

— Ashley Mostaghimi

I have been a customer and friend to the Robinson family for 40 years. They do the highest quality work that I have ever seen. I am proud to be a friend and customer of Robinson Electric.”

— Billy Nowell

Robinson Electric has met all of my electrical needs since the mid 60’s.  Their service has always been more than just good.  When I call, I have never had to wait.  They are smart and know what they are doing.  I would recommend their service to anyone.

— Charline Redditt

Philip and I have lived in our house for 13 years.  Robinson Electric, through numerous lighting and sound projects, have helped us turn this house into a home we love and enjoy.  I appreciate the prompt response I receive from the initial phone call, to the super friendly technicians that come and do a quick and accurate job.”

—  Phillip & Connie Ladner

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