Residential Standby Power

The question isn’t “What would you do if you lose power?” The question is “What would you do WHEN you lose power?”

Be prepared for the inevitable power outage; frequent interruptions and brownouts, between storms, lighting and traffic accidents, even fat squirrels playing on power lines, they can happen at any time. Losing power in your home can cost you hundreds of dollars and perishable items. Ensure that you don’t lose – with a home generator. We’re a leader in generator sales and have installed systems all over the greater Delta. Let us set you up with the reliable back up you need to be up and running when the power is down and out. For standby power that starts when you need it, call Robinson Electric, because if it’s a job worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Please see the following list of past residential generator projects:

John Abide
David Arant
Kelly Beevers
Warren Bell
Randolph & Elspeth Blakeman
Tony Bond (Cabin)
Johnny Brister
John Brown
Champion Farms (Fred Champion)
Fred Champion Sr.
Larry Davis (Cabin)
Joe Denson
Pat Denton
Doug Ferris
Eric Fioranelli
Noel Funchess
Gary Gainspoletti (Cabin)
Roland Galatas
Georgia Harper
Bill Havens
Gary Hawthorne
Sammy Henderson
Will & Kate Hood (Cabin)
Jack Howarth
Randy Howarth
Gerald Jacks
Kathy Kent
James King
Chad McKnight
Elbert McKnight
Sidney Melton
Hunter Moorhead
Duke Morgan
Duke Morgan Sr.
James Peacock
Billy Perry
Peter’s Pottery
Harrel Potter
David Rickels
Phillip Rizzo
Gale Roark
Leigh Ann Robertson
Steve Rogers
Pete Roncali
James Russell
Mike Sanders
Bubba Simmons
Allen Spraggins
Barbar Stott
Bobby Tims
Cecil Washington
Andrew Westerfield (Cabin)
Ms. Jerry Wigington
Bob Wilson
William Woo
Joe Woods
Peter Woods
Ruthie Woods
Yeager Farms
Ms. Jim Young


Please visit the below link to learn more about the Kohler Generators offered by Robinson Electric Company.

Robinson Electric is a dealer of Kohler Generators..

Case Study:

John Abide

Cleveland, MS

Other Projects