Safety is the No. 1 consideration on every Robinson Electric project — a daily part of who we are.

Robinson Electric employs an experienced loss control consultant who is constantly assessing our operations and providing guidance on key issues including:

  • Loss Reduction
  • Developing a Safety Culture
  • Meeting Regulatory Requirements
  • Program Development

Our consultants assist in designing safety programs that address the specific needs of every project we have under contract. The areas of focus range from employee and worker loss control to vehicular safety and prevention of accidents for customers, guests and visitors to business premises.

Our loss source approach targets specific areas of focus and directs resources toward our objectives for safety and accident prevention. The results are reflected in the reduction of accident costs and in loss reports. We work with our consultant to develop and implement safety programs that identify controls required for specific hazards in the workplace. As a result, we are able to develop comprehensive safety policies or individual policies that can complement those of our customers.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Comply With OSHA Training Requirements
  • Comply With OSHA Regulations in Specific Areas
  • Evaluate Through Independent Audits


Robinson Electric’s consultants assist in reviewing citations, compliance plans and contesting citations or fine reductions. We provide all OSHA mandated training, and are constantly reviewing the applicability to our operations. All Robinson Electric safety programs are audited to ensure compliance with current regulations. We also provide for independent audits of use and effectiveness of the policies.

STEP Awards

2003 STEP Award – Silver Level
2004 STEP Award – Silver Level
2005 STEP Award – Silver Level
2006 STEP Award – Silver Level
2012 STEP Award – Platinum
2013 STEP Award – Platinum
2014 STEP Award – Platinum
2015 STEP Award – Diamond
2016 STEP Award – Diamond
2018 STEP Award – Silver
2019 STEP Award – Gold
2020 STEP Award – Platinum 

Safety Awards

2006 Safety Award – Bronze
2007 Safety Award – Silver
2008 Safety Award – Gold
2009 Safety Award – Gold
2010 Safety Award – Gold
2011 Safety Award – Gold
2012 Safety Award – Gold
2013 Safety Award – Gold
2014 Safety Award – Gold
2015 Safety Award – Gold
2016 Safety Award – Gold
2017 Safety Award – Gold
2018 Safety Award – Gold
2019 Safety Award – Gold
2020 Safety Award – Gold

2020 EMR Rating:   .82


Robinson Electric provides training at the foreman, supervisory, and field force level to ensure adherence to all regulations that are applicable to our industry. Robinson Electric completed OSHA 10, First Aid, CPR & AED training for the Project Foreman and field force. 



Robinson Electric Company, Inc. was recently awarded the ABC National STEP Platinum safety award.  Participating companies score their level of achievement for each component on a weighted point scale and document their incident rates.  In addition Robison Electric Company, Inc. received the GOLD level safety award from the Mississippi ABC Chapter.  It is presented to companies that achieve a safe work place and exhibit continued efforts in the development of a sound safety program.